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High Fantasy

The Omen Girl by grendelthegood on wattpad.

High fantasy, 70k words. Literally one of the best stories I have ever read in my life and you can experience it for free. This story was under pay to view on wattpad for a while but I had to open the page to make this entry and it's free again!!! This is magical news, and you should go read it right now. If it ever comes out in print I am going to buy it.
Here's the summary on wattpad:
In the prestigious race of stars, Sozo must hide the truth of who she is or pay with her life, but her blossoming relationship with the most talented competitor threatens everything she's worked for.

Untitled by allthewrongvibes49 on tumblr.

Fantasy time travel! Very good, but it's on indefinite hiatus.

The Wind's Promise by Epnona the Wisp on tumblr and wordpress.

Bittersweet high fantasy, 7k.

On Wingéd Feet by E Louise Bates on tumblr.

Story about a girl with bird features whose job it is to deliver mail. I loved the worldbuilding of the different people groups in this one!

Suddenly a Dragon by Grace Crandall on wordpress.

Here's the author's summary:
Zechariah cares little for adventure. But when a fateful morning thrusts him into the midst of another dimension full of dragons and political turmoil, he has little choice in the matter.

The Pick-Pocket of Ishtar by Grace Crandall on wordpress.

Here's the author's summary:
Kalli, a young street urchin and a competent thief, steals a pocket-watch that is more than it seems.

Land of Ghosts by Grace Crandall on wordpress.

Here's the author's summary:
A storm, an ancient battlefield, and a lonely pegasus rider…
Keenan is used to the spirits that plague his home and fill his ears with accusations. but there is one spirit, of all the thousands, that he knows far too well–and will do anything to avoid.

Death Wish by Grace Crandall on wordpress.

Here's the author's summary:
Jax Cortas is just your average criminal-turned-wish-granter. He doesn’t complain about his job–he has sensible hours, a fulfilling environment, and his own private star.
Of course, the Star Foundation’s repeated threats of execution don’t exactly encourage dissent.
But while Jax is commissioned on pain of death with granting every wish that comes his way, not all wishes are good ones–and when his job calls upon him to become an assassin, Jax must find the wit and the will to walk the narrow line between kill and die.
I love the double meaning of the title in this one!

Of Stolen Gold and Princesses by Grace Crandall on wordpress.

Here's the author's summary:
Some dragons hoard treasure. Others, organize it.
Lloyd is one of the latter types. Living a peaceful life in the mountains, he doesn’t put much stock in adventure–until his friend Gahzi is kidnapped by bounty hunters, that is.
This one is so much fun!! I love Lloyd!!

The Treasure of Wyrmvale by O Lei O Lai O Lord on tumblr.

ATLA but if Iroh & Zuko were women and also the main characters. I've only read the first part, but so far I really like it!

The Dragon Queen by The Tiny Dragon on tumblr.

Based on the following prompt posted to writing-prompt-s on tumblr: Offering the dragon marriage into the royal family had been a power play on the king’s part, a way to intimidate the kingdom’s enemies. He had not anticipated the dragon actually accepting the offer.

untitled by Hestia and the Court on tumblr.

Based on the following prompt posted to writing-prompt-s on tumblr: There is a forbidden type of magic out there. It isn’t forbidden because it’s inherently evil, or forces you to lose your humanity, or requires human sacrifices - it’s just forbidden because it’s annoying as heck to fight against.

I See Fire by Secretariatess on wattpad.

Here's the summary on wattpad:
A blight is wreaking havoc among the nymphs in the Great Emerald Forest, coming right on the heels of a gruesome battle with a nearby Fairy tribe. Sequoia, the hero of the recent battle, suspects that the blight is more than it appears and assembles a team, recruiting the help of a caretaker by the name of Everblue.
His goal is to track down and destroy the disease . . . before it destroys the Forest.
A complete short story (two chapters) about nymphs with cool worldbuilding and a compelling main character.
Low Fantasy

Shadowed Sanctuary by taleweaver-ramblings on tumblr.

Intrusive fantasy with a werewolf!

Magical Money by hetvidadia on wattpad.

Here's the summary on wattpad:
Pihu keeps finding money in her bedside drawer. Should be exciting, right? The only catch - she doesn't remember keeping it there.

From the Roots to the Leaves by Babbles on tumblr.

Unconventional time-travel! It's also very sweet!

Eve by CesarVitale on wattpad.

Here's the summary on wattpad:
Eve's a vegan zombie, and she really doesn't care what you think of it, so shush it. All she wants is to get by and find some pigeons or a fat rat - anything without a name she can eat before she starves to death in What's-Left-of-Los-Angeles, California. Because I don't care what you say, she's NOT eating humans. It's gross.
Levon's weird and has a funny voice. Or maybe it just sounds funny when he hears it. Everyone's voice is funny when they hear it recorded, right? Anyway, he's like one of the only people who haven't turned into a zombie since the outbreak, and even he has no idea how that happened. He thinks it's gross to eat people too. But he also thinks it's gross to eat pigeons and rats, so there's that.
And now that they've found each other in the wasteland, Levon's plan is to carry Eve with him across the country to the army shelter in New York that totally exists and will save them both. Eve's plan is keep her eyes from rolling into her skull every time Levon opens his mouth.

Power in the Blood by Epnona the Wisp on tumblr and wordpress.

Have you ever read a vampire romance and wished it was more theological? This is the short story for you!

Bounce by phantomrose96 on tumblr.

A tragic exploration of a magical worldbuilding element.

Be Careful What You Wish For by shaicarus on tumblr.

Short story about two siblings dealing with the Fey. Haunting and beautiful!! The original post has been deleted, so maybe don't contact the author about it, she might not want to think about it anymore.

Borrowed Time by 221bdragonslayer on tumblr.

Short story about a magical ATM that allows you to buy and sell time!
Fairy Tale

Those Who Sleep: A Fairy Tale by bookshelf-in-progress on tumblr.

A knight finds a sleeping princess.

The Dust that Falls from Passing Stars by bookshelf-in-progress on tumblr.

The first section of a three-part story. It has romance fairy-tale vibes but I'm can't remember if it's actually romantic or a fairy tale.

A Day Late by bookshelf-in-progress on tumblr.

A short beauty and the beast retelling! Great characterization!

Each All Everything by confetti-cat on tumblr.

A retelling of the fairytale Nix, Nought, Nothing
Super Hero

Untitled by caffeinewitchcraft on tumblr.

Based on the following prompt posted to writing-prompt-s on tumblr: You were once the most powerful villain. You retired early and are engaged to a minor super hero who isn’t aware of your past. They are about to be killed right before your eyes..but you step in.

Tom Saves the World by Dycefic on tumblr.

An unconventional hero saves everyone!
Sci Fi

Rizen by Aeal on tumblr.

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk with illustrations! I'm not totally caught up, but I like what I've read so far!

Valet of a Ticket Machine by Mars on tumblr.

Sci-fi human and machine friendship! I've only read the first installment, but I remember liking it!

Untitled by fox-bright on tumblr.

Based on the following prompt: You work in a factory that builds intelligent war machines, built and forced to fight in a constant war. Out of either sympathy or habit, you head-pat every machine after every inspection. A seemingly harmless gesture… until men in suits pulled you from work and interrogated you about it.

Untitled by Elidyce on tumblr.

Based on the following prompt: You’ve just realized something strange about the humans. They’re a race that joined the galaxy recently, but you’ve just found evidence of them already been part of it for many millennia before, but it feels like everybody’s forgotten.

Untitled by zecchou on tumblr.

Based on the following prompt: Excalibur always reveals itself as a weapon best suited to its user. In the future, mankind is losing against an extraterrestrial empire. While hiding in the ice debris of a comet, Excalibur reveals itself to a captain in the form of an ancient and advanced starship.

Gained in Translation by psmithereens on tumblr.

Love love love this one! Cool political situation set up between multiple different cool alien species with an epic fight scene! All the characters are really well written, and the prose flows well, and I eagerly await more stories set in this universe!

Still by aconstantstateofbladerunner on tumblr.

Incredible horror short story! Be prepared to be creeped out!

Savit-e by phantomrose96 on tumblr.

A haunting story about the perils of cross cultural communication. And I personally also found it kind of sweet.
Slice of Life

Untitled by scarlettwriter on tumblr.

You know that scene in fellowship where Merry and Pippin set off the firework?

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