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Lovely People by hummingfluff on a personal website.

Really cute bunnies experience the consequences of a social credit system. Multichapter

Corpse by Ratt (social media unclear)

Horror comic about a sheep who starts wearing the spiked collar of the dog tasked to guard the flock.

Aubergine by Pencilz on tapas (though Pencilz's tumblr is linked here too).

Really cool artstyle, plot is about a girl moving in with a relative who may be a mad scientist? I haven't gotten very far, and I can't quite figure out what is happening. Multichapter

Farron and Noodle by NinjaPancake on webtoons and tumblr.

A terrifying lord of limbo suddenly finds himself caring for an incredibly cute puppy who messes up all his plans. There's also a horse involved, so this guy should have pet experience, but he's still incredibly unpreparred for the amount of chaos following this puppy at every turn. Also at one point they travel to the real world, and I'm still waiting to see how that pans out. Multichapter!

untitled by Secondlina on tumblr

Oneshot comic about first dog in orbit.

the dubious philosophy of salmon by catadromously on tumblr.

Incredible oneshot comic about salmon migration patterns.

Untitled by foolfortune on tumblr.

I have no memory of this place. Looks like a oneshot comic, and past me enjoyed it enough to save a link.

The Traveler's Warning by foxbirdy on tumblr.

Oneshot about hiking and the way it changes you. It makes me think of the Appalachian trail!

untitled by masterfuldoodler on tumblr.

Oneshot comic about burnout and depression, traditional art.

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